Phonebloks: like your Lego bricks turned into a phone

According to Dutch designer Dave Hakkens, we live in a throwaway society. We live in a world where products aren’t made to last long and aren’t easily fixable. Case in point: your smartphone. One broken part and it’s all gone. You’ll throw it away and buy a new one. He wants to change all this.

With Phonebloks, it’s like your Lego bricks turned into a phone. If a part is broken, you can easily replace that part without throwing away the entire phone. You can also customize the parts according to your needs and preferences.
Presently, Phonebloks is creating a lot of buzz from consumers. Though it still needs to find partners and backers to make this dream a reality, let’s all be good boys and girls so maybe – just maybe – Santa might give us this in due time.