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What’s your dream?

Our friends at Levi’s, in partnership with artist Doug Aitken, have just launched a new collaborative project that we’re particularly excited about. Station to Station, a public art project made possible by Levi’s®, will bring together some of the world’s leading pioneers in art, music, cuisine and film on a groundbreaking three week train voyage from New York to San Francisco, raising funds along the way through ticket sales and donations to support non-traditional programming at seven partner museums around the country. [Image: Oskar Fischinger, Sprials, 1926, Courtesy of Center for Visual Music]

The train will make nine stops along the way, staging cultural interventions and site-specific happenings at each one. Sounds like fun, huh?

It all fits in with the pioneering spirit that Levi’s® is synonymous with, tapping into and nurturing the spirit of collective movement and progress as we embark on the Modern Frontier.

But being a collaborative project, you’re invited to participate too. Check out the microsite to see how you can get involved and while you’re there, you’ll also discover the many exciting collaborative endeavors that Levis® has fostered over the years, working with the likes of Ryan McGinley, Joy Smith, and other leading global creatives.

There will also be a series of questions that you will be able to respond to via imagery and video (Instagram), words (Twitter) and music (Soundcloud), tagging your answers with #makeourmark.

The responses will be turned into cross-disciplinary pieces of art that will live and evolve on the Levi’s® Make Our Mark global site.

Pretty sweet, right?

One of the questions will be: What’s your dream? #MakeOurmark #Dream

Our response to that is simple: to foster even more creativity and more artistic expression by exposing it daily to our worldwide audience. Check out our visual take on it via our Instagram page.

Now it’s your turn to leave your mark and be a part of the #MakeOurMark project. Join by submitting your response via Instagram Video or an Instagram image by tagging #MakeOurMark #Dream, and check out the rest of the projects here.