Meet Yoshihiko, Japan’s Love Doll wrestler

To say that things in Japan can get pretty bizarre is an understatement. Take for example their version of American Pro Wrestling. We all know pro wrestling is fake (sshhh you didn’t hear that from me). But Japan takes the cake when it comes to “sports entertainment.”

For their Ironman Heavyweight Championship Belt, different animals and inanimate objects have held the title. Some of these would be: A monkey, a dog, a Hello Kitty doll, a pint of beer, a ladder, a stick of yakitori, an invisible man, a painting, and the most popular of all, Yoshihiko – a love doll.

Wrestlers act as if Yoshihiko is an actual wrestler and they sell moves done by the doll. Yoshihiko mostly does high flying moves but sometimes needs assistants to throw it. Opponents pretend those assistants are not there and are part of the doll. Yoshihiko’s finishing move is the Endless Infinity Destroyer. Now that’s a show I’d love to see.