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Birra Spalmabile: spreadable beer

Guzzle that beer no more: Birra Spalmabile is all about spreading on the beer. Quite literally. Never thought you’d see the day, right? Birra Spalmabile is an actual beer-infused spread that comes in both dark ale and blond ale varieties.

Each jar of this deliciousness contains 40% beer and can be used for garnishing tarts and cakes, eaten with cheeses, or as I’d imagine, on toast for breakfast. Because there’s nothing like a good breakfast of beer and toast to get you started in the morning!

Quite surprisingly, this gooey, syrupy spread wasn’t born out of frat house boredom. It came about when Italian chocolatier Pietro Napoleone and brew maker Claudio Lorenzini joined forces (for the good). And look at where it got them! This stuff is now selling at Selfridges for £7.99 a pop!