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It’s true, wealth makes you narcissistic

When you look at the amount of money being given to charities every year in America, it looks like the wealthy are more generous. According to the raw numbers, they are giving more money. But when it comes down to actual percentage of income, Ken Stern points out that based on numbers from this year, members of the wealthy upperclass only donate 1.3% of their income while the poor donate 3.2%.

In other words, the rich are only willing to give half the percentage of their earnings compared to what everyone else gives. Not only are the rich apparently more stingy with their money, but according to other studies published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, the upper class is more narcissistic, self-centered, and have a greater sense of entitlement then the rest of us. Perhaps the key to amassing excess without feeling guilty is telling yourself you are more ‘deserving’ than the rest.

Via The Atlantic