Walter: a short film about funeral home director

Walter A. Frey, Jr. is a funeral home director. Like his father, who as a boy dreamed of becoming a funeral home director, Walter also felt a calling to the business at an early age. Unfolding in short vignettes, “Walter” is a journey through the passions of its subject, which include a love for vacuuming, beautiful ties, mahogany caskets, and the art of appearances, such as cultivating the perfect hairstyle.

“Walter” is part of the web series The Amerikans, which features three to five minute portraits of people from Northeast Ohio. The short episodes go behind the ordinary exterior of the subjects’ lives to explore the imaginative power that real Americans express in their lives. Using a variety of film techniques and styles, The Amerikans are a new kind of relationship-based filmmaking, in which the subjects collaborate with the makers in representing their internal worlds.