Featured Image for Living Food: the next culinary trend?

Living Food: the next culinary trend?

Our friends at PSSSST! recently featured a very interesting article relating to Living Food. Is this the future of culinary experiences after Molecular Gastronomy? This project explores new culinary experiences through developments in synthetic biology, and finds its lineage in haute cuisine and molecular gastronomy.

The food behaves like a living creature, entertaining us through an empathetic connection: what if food became alive like a fictional character? What if food was able to play with our cutlery and create hyper-sensations in our mouth? Synthetic biotech has already started to create artificial life in organic forms, so breathing life into artificial digestible forms is not merely a fantasy.

These images and video illustrates how our sensory organs recognise the life-form food. The tongue has the most sensitive tactile fibers on the tip and front of it – position 1 and 2. The roof of mouth shows the most intensive reaction on the centre of it – position 10 and 11 – and it gradually reduces to outside showing an oval pattern.