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Interview with Danny Choi from Ghost Loft

After the underground success of their track Seconds, we checked in with LA-based Danny Choi of the electronic project Ghost Loft to ask him a few questions, and then a few more again.

‘Seconds’ is getting airplay on BB1, ‘So High’ is topping the charts at Hype Machine… what a crazy 6 months for you. Has it all seemed like a blur or is this just the fruits of some serious hustling on your behalf?
I’m just really blessed that people are listening to my music. It does seem like a blur in the sense that I didn’t anticipate any of it and it’s all happening pretty quickly.

There are a lot of Ghost Loft remixes out there already. What’s your favourite one so far and do you ever feel concerned about giving up control over the sound when someone does a remix of one of your tracks?
Well, I’m a fan of all the artists who remixed Seconds, so it’s hard to pinpoint just one that I like best. I’m not really concerned about giving up control over the sound because that should be the purpose of having a remix done. It’s always interesting to see someone else’s point of view and how they approach the song.

Speaking of mixes, Mark Ronson put you on the latest Fabric London release. Must be a quite a buzz?
Yeah, it’s pretty crazy to me that he heard “Seconds”. Mark Ronson is an amazing producer.

With the video and the artwork you’ve used so far, it’s obvious you have a real eye for artistic talent. Who are some of the artists/photographers you admire right now?
I’m not really sure about photographers but there’s a music artist named Dornik who I think is really dope.

Can you put together a five song playlist for us of tracks that are shaking your world right now?
Jai Paul / Str8 Outta Mumbai
Sampha / Without
D’Angelo / I Found My Smile Again (Radio Edit)
Raffertie / Build Me Up
Hall & Oates / Sara Smile