Featured Image for MY SECRET PLAYLIST by Kelpe


With influences ranging from the bleeps and bass of classic Warp artists to the spectral folk of John Renbourn, and the minimalism of Steve Reich to the percussive space-scapes of Do Make Say Think, the diversity of the music that inspires Kelpe finds reflection in his own sonic adventures, informing his ever evolving sound, combining as map and compass to guide his lunar-bound b-boy throwdowns. These are the songs that have inspired him.

Hauschka / Blue Bicycle
This was one of my favourite albums in 2008. The album, and this opening track particularly, are perfect for those iPod moments when you’re listening on a bus on a sunny winter day and you look out the window and everything looks like a film. I suppose you would call it ‘cinematic’ then!

Papa M / Arundel
Such a pleasing chord sequence, the kind of thing you could listen to forever. The album that this is on — Live From A Shark’s Cage — is one of my all time favourite albums. There is a more grandiose version of this tune on the other album, Whatever, Mortal, which turns the track into something even more full on and heavenly. But the minimal approach on this version works great too.

Portishead / The Rip
This seems like a perfect song to me. It makes you realise how good they are at doing acoustic stuff. I love the way the first half of the song is acoustic guitar and voice, but halfway through, the acoustic guitar is brashly replaced by drums and synth doing the same melody line. It gets me every time.

Butter 08 / Butter of 69
I had the album of this and lost it years ago, but recently ordered it again and it felt great to hear it. It’s a really good indie-pop song. It just has a great summer feel to it, lovely drums, lovely sounds. I like the combination of voices, too. I’s a bit of a duet.

Squarepusher / My Sound
Musically, this is the most pleasing thing Tom Jenkinson ever made, even though it doesn’t really fit into the typical Squarepusher sound. It’s another piece that you can just listen to over and over, as the melody is so sublime.

Judee Sill / Emerald River Dance
This is on a two CD set. The first CD is mixed by Jim O’Rourke, from old tapes, and the second is much more lo-fi home recorded stuff, on which you can hear children babbling in the background. The stuff re-done by Jim O’Rourke sounds amazing, but this is actually off the second CD, purely on the basis that I think this is an amazing song and I think her voice sounds fantastic on it.

Lone / Banyan Drive
This album perfectly appeals to my taste! It has such a great sense of melody and everything sounds so wobbly, like it’s been copied tape to tape twenty times.

Do Make Say Think / Chinatown
Once I was watching a film and this came on the soundtrack and I had to stop watching the film and listen to this song and its album (& Yet & Yet) in full. That’s definitely the mark of an amazing piece of music. And perhaps a boring film!