Featured Image for MY SECRET PLAYLIST by Ursula 1000


Ursula 1000 has established himself as one of the top international DJs. After relocating to NYC from Miami in 1998, Gimeno has become synonymous with New York music and lifestyle culture. His remix skills are constantly in demand, reworking tracks from Quincy Jones to Felix da Housecat to The Faint, as well as being asked to remix the theme songs from The Incredibles, The Powerpuff Girls and Sesame Street. These are the songs that have inspired him over the years.

Loop / Black Sun
Great UK drone space fuzz rockers that I’ve been rediscovering. Their first few albums have been remastered are are finally back in the stream after being gone so long.

Motorhead / Capricorn
I’ve been rediscovering the first four Motorhead albums and Capricorn is this wonderful spacey beast on the Overkill album that is like a slow motion ride in outer space on a chopper.

Tac Poum Systeme / Asmodai
These guys were some obscure (two 45s!) French psych rock group and this epic track is like Led Zeppelin doing freakbeat.

Breakwater / Release The Beast
Daft Punk sampled this track on their Robot Rock song. I just love this late 70s beefy rock meets funk bangers. In the vein of Scatt Brother’s Walk The Night. Sleazy Leather Disco Rock!

The 13th Floor Elevators / Slip Inside This House
I finally saw the documentary on Roky Erickson, You’re Gonna Miss Me. This stuff is just so amazing and light years ahead! Who knew that Texas had a far out psychedelic scene?

Pentagram / Day Of Reckoning
I’ve been digging this lost and now cult doom rock group from Virginia from the mid-70s. Sabbath-y riffs but done in a style that predates NWOBHM and US thrash by years.

Lothar And The Hand People / L-O-V-E (Ask For It By Name)
This tripped out group were based in New York and were unknowingly in sync with Zappa and like-minded heads. These guys were using electronics and Theremins really early on. Inventive and pretty far out.

The Three Degrees / Collage
It seems like all my picks have a psychedelic edge. This one also falls in to that but more in the psych soul that was occurring with The Temptations, Funkadelic and Rotary Connection. This is my favorite of this period. Dreamy, ethereal soul.