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This teddy bear will have a conversation with you

A talking teddy? Don’t know about you, but haven’t we seen this in Seth MacFarlane’s film, Ted? True, you can get one of these Ted soft toys to deliver ready punchlines like ‘I wuv you’, but the Supertoy teddy, which is now appealing for funds on Kickstarter, actually lets you have a conversation with it.

Dubbed as ‘the world’s natural talking teddy bear’, this one is a smart teddy bear with artificial intelligence that allows it to actually react to what you say. It can even recreate human-like speech the more you talk to it.

Behind the project is Ashley and Karsten of Supertoy Robotics, who also created the Siri-like chatbot Jeannie. Not sure what will happen if we start whining about life in general to this teddy bear though — and can it give us proper advice after listening?

Talking teddy bear