Featured Image for MY SECRET PLAYLIST by Matt Maust, Cold War Kids

MY SECRET PLAYLIST by Matt Maust, Cold War Kids

Californian quartet Cold War Kids not only have the best band name around, but they pack about as much indie cred as a pair of dirty Cons and a lazy side part. Bassist Matt Maust stepped up for a Secret Playlist that takes in everything from Cat Power to Billy Childish.

Pink Mountaintops / Single Life
Bankrobber by The Clash was never on any record. So I’ll go with Single Life by Pink Mountaintops. Big stretch, I know, but nevertheless. I don’t know how McBean does it.

Cat Power / Breathless
This is the only Nick Cave cover I’ve ever liked. Covers that are stripped down like this either take serious thought, or none at all. This song is so beautiful though. I’ve heard it sung at friend’s weddings. No joke.

The Walkmen / Many Rivers to Cross
My brother gave me the Harder They Come soundtrack in high-school because I was listening to way too much of The Clash and he said that ‘this was the real thing’ and to not listen to so much punk-soul-reggae stuff. But the record soon grew on me, and this song always reminds me of that whole fight we had about ‘expanding your musical tastes’. Still, I have never seen that movie though. I heard that it’s not that good.

Grinderman / Depth Charge Ethel
This song is like a Jr high-school kid driving a sports car through a city with near misses. It’s such a good dance song, although I’m not known to ever go out dancing. If I did, this would be on my dance playlist.

Antony & The Johnsons / Fistful of Love
I don’t really have anything to say about it.

The Kills / At the Back of the Shell
Honestly, until now I always thought they were singing ‘at the back of the shelf’. Everything in life just changed for me by finding that out. I’m not sure what to say about this song other than I have really good memories of listening to it on the Fourth Street bridge over the LA river a few years ago.