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MY SECRET PLAYLIST by Jimmy Shaw, Metric

Formed in Toronto but, at various times, based in Montreal, London, New York and L.A, Metric boasts the sort of history that requires one of those connect-the-dots red-lined maps you see in an Indiana Jones movie. These are the songs that have inspired Metric’s Jimmy Shaw, written in his own words.

Rolling Stones / Exile on Main Street
I set up a turntable because my friend left all of his DJ records at my house for a year and a half. It’s the only non hip-hop record, which is funny because all they were doing was trying to sound black. Either way, the record is warped and sounds awesome.

Talk Talk / Laughing Stock
My friend Kevin, who introduced me to this record, says: ‘this record is one the best human recordings ever made’. I think that’s very well put. It’s an amazing, soulful one mic style jam from the folks who brought you the real version of It’s My Life.

Franz Ferdinand / Ulysses
It’s just a great song. It makes me wanna do a shot, steal a car, win at blackjack, chill on a boat, crash a house party, you know, all the good things. And the video pretty much rules, too. Yay Franz.

Bon Iver / Re: Stacks
Sometimes you have to take a bath. And sometimes you have to bring a stereo into the bathroom and listen to this while your taking that bath. But don’t light candles and fall asleep.

Devendra Banhart / Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon
He just has a vibe, he just has a great voice, and he just writes cool tunes. He makes me wish I could grow my hair, really long.