Featured Image for MY SECRET PLAYLIST by Yacht


YACHT founding members Jona Bechtolt and Claire L. Evans live in Portland, Oregon and Marfa, Texas, and consider themselves ‘generalists’ in the fields of music, art, writing, and everything in between. These are the songs that have inspired their own music over the years, written in their own voice.

Radha Krsna Temple / Hare Krishna Mantra
A not-so-secret-thing about YACHT is that when we see Hare Krishna monks dancing down the street in their orange robes and shaved heads, it takes a great deal of self-control for us not to run after them. This is not to say that we want to stop them or join them. We just want to see what happens at the end of the chase.

DC Talk / Jesus is Just Alright
Remember when your Presbyterian neighbor invited you to come with her to youth group, and, since you were raised atheist, you kind of didn’t see past the free river-rafting trips and all-night church lock-ins where you slammed Pepsi and made shrinky-dinks with the hot, college-age group leader in Birkenstocks? Then one afternoon they all started eyeing you sideways, leaving their hands on your shoulders for a moment too long, and you knew you couldn’t pretend much longer.

John Davis & The Monster Orchestra / Up Jumped the Devil
It’s 1977. You’re out dancing. It’s a Friday night in the city. Your shirt is too tight. You’re feeling good, young, unstoppable. And unbeknownst to you, in the dank basement of a church community center across the country, someone has just gotten the Devil pulled out of them through their eyeballs for doing much less.

The Fifth Dimension / Aquarius Let The Sunshine In (Rock To The Drummer’s Beat)
Say you find yourself in a deep dark wood, lost and afraid, your hiking clothes ripped to shreds. A soft rain begins to pour. Suddenly, you see a light through the windows of a distant barn, and hear an unmistakeable beat slipping out through the cracks between the wooden beams. You inch closer, half-panicking at what you might find in the dead of this night, and peer through the windows. It’s everything you’ve ever dreamed of.

Max Romeo / I Chase The Devil
What if when we finally travelled into the depths of outer space, we found, instead of intelligent life, to our horror, all the cast-out devils and demons of our ancient religions, scheming together on some seething, turgid nightmare of a planet?

Eckankar Church / HU
Eckankar is a religious movement that focuses on spiritual exercises for the experience of ‘the Light and Sound of God’. While proponents of Eckankar suggest chanting the eternal song “Hu” to experience this state, YACHT recommends you tape halved ping-pong balls over your eyes and vaguely stare into an orange light for an hour, preferably while listening to a cassette tape of white noise.

Cliff Richard / Jesus
If this is the way it will feel when Jesus Christ comes back to the Earth in a full blaze of glory, then we are READY.