Featured Image for MY SECRET PLAYLIST by Olivier Libaux, Nouvelle Vague

MY SECRET PLAYLIST by Olivier Libaux, Nouvelle Vague

Founded by French musicians Marc Collin and Olivier Libaux, Nouvelle Vague have used a variety of female singers including Alexandra Pavlou, Mélanie Pain, Marina Celeste and Phoebe Killdeer for their unique acoustic covers of classic New Wave 80s tunes.

The Beach Boys / God Only Knows
One of the most beautiful pop songs a human being can hear. The chord sequence was, is, and will always be, stunning.

Depeche Mode / Personal Jesus
Depeche Mode has always managed to create a unique atmosphere and sound while being Top Ten charters. This song is such a good example.

Johnny Cash / Personal Jesus
Well, we are a cover band, you know! We like to record covers that could make you doubt who recorded the song first. While hearing Johnny Cash’s version of Personal Jesus, you really could get confused, as it sounds so much like a Johnny Cash song.

The Rolling Stones / Paint It Black
Because it sounds like how the Western world was between the 60s and 70s. This age will never come back again. I would pick this song and a Martin Scorcese movie.

The Monochrome Set / Eine Symphony des Grauens
Pop music in the late twentieth century was made of incredible songs and bands, some becoming number one hits and successful, while others staying underrated but magnificent. The Monochrome Set is in this second family, while being as precious for me as The Who.

Sufjan Stevens / Chicago
We still don’t know if the twenty-first century will be a great pop music era. All the world could suddenly move to concrete music or whatever. And formats will also probably change. Still, this guy, Sufjan Stevens, has been able to write one the most beautiful songs ever.

The Clash / London Calling
Unique band and song, and a perfect example of human dignity and consciousness. If one day, some humans were to introduce themselves to Martians, they should probably play them London Calling.

Serge Gainsbourg / Je suis venu te dire que je m’en vais
French people were not as talented as English or Americans in terms of writing good pop songs at the end of twentieth century, but a unique genius called Serge Gainsbourg has saved the French pride.