Featured Image for MY SECRET PLAYLIST by M83


French musician, M83, has been on our radar since he released his brilliant album, Saturday=Youth, in 2008. That, and every subsequent release, will take you on a journey through a sentimental and nostalgic land. In M83’s own words: ‘this is the most explicit celebration yet of how it feels to be dazed, confused and fifteen year old’, as haunting melodies are filled with overtones of Kate Bush, Human League and Boards Of Canada. These are the songs that inspire him, written in his own words.

Tears for Fears / Head Over Heels
This song was the biggest influence for my new album. Our track, Kim and Jesse, takes a lot of inspiration from 80s bands like Tears for Fears. This is one of my favourites.

Iron Maiden / Two Minutes to Midnight
I’ve always been a big Iron Maiden fan. Ever since I was ten I would listen to their music and feel envious. They helped make me realize how badly I wanted to be a musician. This is the Justice live version of the song.

Brian Eno / 1/1
This is a track I listen to often. When coming on stage, I like to hear it. Brian Eno is a really great musician and an inspiration to my live performances.

Julee Cruise / The World Spins
This is my favourite love song. It’s beautiful. I also love the David Lynch movie that Julee Cruise does the vocals for.

Kate Bush / Running Up That Hill
I’m a huge Kate Bush fan. I think her vocals are amazing. My newest album has a real 80s goth vibe. I think our vocals sound similar to Kate Bush, and I’m obviously really happy about that.

The Blue Nile / Let’s Go Out Tonight
This is a really cool 80s track, as well. It’s soft, but playful. I listen to it quite often.

Steve Reich / Music for 18 Musicians
This is a very long track and I really love long tracks. Steve Reich has very well-produced albums, and they are also from the 80s. It makes me feel like a teenager again, wanting to party, inspired by music from that time to be the musician I am today.

Terry Reid / To be Treated
This is my favourite folk track. I’m not necessarily the biggest Terry Reid fan, but this song is great! I love listening to this when I’m driving.