Featured Image for Altar/Offering feat. Joshua Miller: the new single from Keyoung

Altar/Offering feat. Joshua Miller: the new single from Keyoung

I met Keyoung when he sort of stumbled into my life in Amsterdam. On a mission to explore the globe with only a backpack full of clothes and the poems he’d written, he seemed to be searching for his place in the world, anywhere that might feel like home. Though he gave off the impression of being a prankster with a wicked-quick sense of humor, I soon learned that Keyoung had a lot of depth and was actively fighting off his own demons.

All of this was made painfully clear when he would begin to perform.

Born in Korea then given up for adoption to a small town in Illinois, nothing ever seemed to fit. Connecting with the people he found himself surrounded by was a constant struggle. The only means of really connecting to anything was through poetry and music, so Keyoung embraced them both with all he had. I’ve watched this him grow up over the years, leaving behind much of his world wonderings and slowly finding a home with people who seem to understand him better.

He’s matured and progressed, learning how to better share his story with other restless souls. And his new single, Left Handed Son, is a soulful example of that. I can’t wait for the rest of the album and am so pumped to see him live at Audiofeed this summer.


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