Featured Image for MY SECRET PLAYLIST by Mux Mool


‘I know it’s electronic music’, Brian Lindgren says, ‘but sometimes I feel like an old-timey traveling musician with an M-Audio Trigger Finger instead of a guitar’. As Mux Mool, Lindgren has been criss-crossing the country by himself for years, collecting records, loops, and samples, and rocking parties in towns both large and boondock-small. [from Ghostly]

These are the songs that have inspired his own music over the years.


Bruce Cockburn / Lovers in a Dangerous Time
This is one of many songs I remember hearing in the car as a kid. I was raised in two households and there was plenty of time traveling between the two, and I have distinct memories of hearing this on one of these late night drives. 

Amon Tobin / Deo
I heard this song in a coke commercial (I think) many years ago, and after hearing it just one time, the tune stayed with me for years. It’s been in the back of my head forever. 

Danzig / Mother
I remember sneaking out of my house with my brother and neighborhood friends and running amok in the suburbs. There was a house where a lot of punks would hang out at. You could smoke in their basement and I’m pretty sure this kids dad was a drug dealer. This is where I found Danzig. 

Arrested Development/ Tennessee
This is probably the best example of songs I remember hearing on the bus in the morning. For me it brings up memories of cold cold mornings. The beat is nice, and nicely crunchy. 

Console / 14 Zero Zero
Perhaps as a precursor to all this crappy Owl City music, I think this song has that feeling of unrequited love, but from a different perspective. This song is glittery and sweet, as sung by a computer. It’s computer noise and not real instruments to the fullest. 

The Cars / Heartbeat City
I had always loved this song for it’s sad synth arpeggios, but I also had a crush on a girl named Jackie for like 2 years, at one point. At one point I actually thought it meant something, but at one point, I also wore fat pants and a chain wallet with spiky red hair so….

Boards of Canada / In the Annexe
It’s tough to pick your “favorite” BoC song, it’s also silly to mention such an awesome band when you know everyone’s heard it, but more than any other BoC song, this one really hits me in that nostalgia button. The kind of nostalgia where it doesn’t even bring up your own memories anymore. This song is like what salt is to soup. 

Department of Eagles / Sailing by Night
I think this song is a wonderful mix of acoustic and electronic music making processes. It would be nice if all songs could be this simple and lovely, just 3-4 parts.