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The worst unicorn costume money can buy

We know, Etsy has long been a free-for-all place where you can find the best stuff and the worst stuff. When it’s bad, it’s really, really bad — and that’s why a site like Regretsy exists (sadly, it’s no longer updated).

Now we’ve just seen the worst unicorn costume ever — complete with deerskin pockets! — cobbled together with white horse hide from a taxidermist, deerskin leather, and a horn made from an elk antler. While the disclaimer is that supplies generally come from secondhand sources and part of the proceeds go to nonprofit organizations, we can’t help but think, ‘What? Horses, deer and elk died for this?’ The costume is priced at US$350 by the way, and has 34 admirers on Etsy. So that’s part two of ‘What?’. Tragic.