Featured Image for MY SECRET PLAYLIST by Tesla Boy


Tesla Boy is charismatic frontman and producer Anton Sevidov, who from an early age learnt to speak the international language of music through his father’s old vinyl collection that included Ray Charles, Prince, Stevie Wonder and Blondie. From here, a clear affinity with ‘80s pop and soul from the US and Britain emerged, and has since played a strong role in crafting the Tesla Boy identity.

From their beginnings with the release of debut single ‘Electric Lady’ and first LP Modern Thrills in 2010, the sounds of Tesla Boy’s global influences are immediate, with their acclaimed follow-up single ‘Split’, produced to a high level with deep catchy melodies and disco undertones.

Tesla Boy’s sophomore album, The Universe Made of Darkness, is out now.

These are the songs that inspire him, written in his own words.

Womack & Womack / Teardrops
This song connects me with a girl from my past and the time we were together. The repeating harmony and deep and touching lyrics can make me cry.

CFCF / Invitation To Love
I really love the sequence of chords in this music. I sometimes listen to this song endlessly all night long.

Eduard Artemyev / music from the film Slave of Love
This is the soundtrack by one of my favorite composers. It sounds strange from the point the electronic ride starts, but nevertheless, this melody touches my soul.

Zodiac / Pacific
This is the album of my childhood: rock music made with synthesizers. It is a cold sound which bewitches.

David Bowie/Pat Metheny / This Is Not America
A wonderful track, one of the greatest rock idols with one of the greatest jazz guitar players. I am even more inspired by the keyboard player who added beautiful harmonies to the song.

Depeche Mode / Goodnight Lovers
This is an unusual track for Depeche Mode. Very smooth and tender vocals which creates a magic mood.

Missing Persons / Surrender Your Heart
When I am listening to this song, I really want to wander through the night city till dawn.

Jimi Hendrix / Voodoo Chile
This song makes me feel as if the Hendrix’s guitar is playing within me. At a certain moment it starts to explode your chest apart. The songs helps to survive pain and makes you stronger.