Le Nid: a concept bar in Nantes designed by artist Jean Jullien

Le Nid is a bar in Nantes, France, which sits at the top of a 144 metre building called Tour de Bretagne and overlooks the city and its surrounds. Inside this bar, a 40 metre long bird rests. His eyes opensand close regularly as he falls asleep and wakes up. You can even order a drink in its egg shaped tables and chairs.

Outside, the terrace offers a 360 degree view with a giant orientation table that runs over 100 metres. A series of posters on light boxes presents a graphic take on fourteen key locations in Nantes.

This incredible bird shaped bar/art “artistic space” has been created by the French artist and graphic designer Jean Jullien, who lives and works in London. This is a simple, funny idea, but so well executed.