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Conceptual art about finding home by Nicole Crock

Nicole Crock is near the top of my ‘how is this person not famous yet?’ list (but she’s getting there!) A conceptual artist working out of Columbus, Ohio, Crock’s work plays on the concept of what home is, where it is, and how we find it. Working with a variety of materials and styles reminiscent of Andy Goldsworthy and Do Ho Suh, Crock uses immaculate craftsmanship and construction to create models of her former homes.

One of my favorite of Crock’s projects are the recreations of her childhood homes, which she placed on tiny houseboats and released into the waters surrounding the locations she used to live in, letting go of the memories of her former lives. Even the houses’ clean, white color is indicative of the ghosts we have to release in order to move on. For her next project, Crock is currently collecting keys to forgotten locations. Her project posits the question of why we keep these small pieces of our everyday past… even if they no longer open locks, do we keep them to unlock our memories? Details on the projects and how to send keys can be found here.


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