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BrewSmith Home Brewing

I spent much of my university days brewing beer. One cold winter I sacrificed my electric blanket to keep my brew warm and bubbling in the corner of my room. I didn’t sleep for a week. But the resulting beer made it all worthwhile!

So I was delighted when Adrian from BrewSmith sent one of his beautiful BrewSmith homebrew kits my way.

During the unboxing, the first thing that struck me was the quality of the kit, and the striking glass brew bottle. I reserved a few hours on a weekend and eagerly put on my first BrewSmith boil.

For the uninitiated, you can home brew with either a pre-prepared mix or you can go it yourself and cook up a wort. The BrewSmith kit has all you need to boil your own wort. The clear and simple instructions took me about two hours to complete and saw me boiling up the malt, adding the hops and finally, mixing in the yeast. At the end, I had my brew bubbling away. Anyone who has brewed beer will attest that the gentle bubbling of a home brew is one of life’s finest sounds.

The BrewSmith home brewing kits provide a simple and enjoyable way to make beer from scratch. There’s no measuring, monitoring or testing. And all the equipment you need is in the box. This is a perfect gift for the modern, boutique beer savouring man. It re-sparked my passion for making my own nectar of the gods.

My first BrewSmith beer will be ready to savour in a week’s time. I’ve already sampled it and I know it’s something worth the wait!

Brewsmith bottle
Finished BrewSmith process
BrewSmith homebrew kit
BrewSmith boil in full swing

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