Featured Image for John Malkovich rescuing strangers and designing clothes

John Malkovich rescuing strangers and designing clothes

We were just going to go ‘Hey, John Malkovich has his own fashion label where he’s been designing clothes for the ‘bohemian of the new millen-nium’ since 2009. There’s even a new made-in-Italy beachwear collection from a Yoox collaboration!’ — until we got distracted with news reports that he recently saved the life of a guy on a Toronto street.

Basically, the guy was bleeding his neck out after tearing it on construction scaffolding in a freak accident, and Malkovich was at hand to administer first aid that possibly saved his life. Apparently the director-actor didn’t see why there was a fuss afterwards (‘Any citizen would do it, it’s nothing special’). What a great dude, and yes, check out his fashion line.