Featured Image for Supercell storm brewing almost in your face

Supercell storm brewing almost in your face

After four years of chasing the storms, Phoenix-based photographer Mike Olbinski finally got close enough to capture these astounding images of a supercell storm near Booker, Texas on the morning of June 3. ‘We (My buddy Andy Hoeland and I) had been driving through rain and hail, always on the wrong side when we finally make a gamble to just push south through the storm and get on the far side if we could.

‘When we finally left the rain behind and had a clear look to our west…our jaws dropped. We stopped on top of a hill, got out of the car, set up the cameras and started recording this monster,’ Olbinski said on his blog. Apparently, Olbinski took about 870 shots in 24 minutes before the rain overtook him. The timelapse video with these images has the most indescribable, ferocious beauty about it.