Featured Image for Gola Born in Britain: uncovered

Gola Born in Britain: uncovered

You can tell by the way we move our feet, we are Gola through and through. Yup, the Lost At E Minor team rock Gola kicks, and we especially dig the old school design and graphics in the Gola Classics range. This iconic UK fashion brand recently re-launched their annual initiative, the Gola Student Project, for 2013, which saw the Gola team trawl universities across the UK to find the most talented students to act as brand ambassadors.

After an extensive search, 30 students from a variety backgrounds have been recruited as official Gola advocates. It all ties in with the new Gola ‘Born in Britain’ campaign, featuring the finest emerging artists and musicians that Ol’ Blighty has to offer, including David Gibb and Elly Lucas – a young folk duo from Derbyshire – and sculptor, David Sinnott, who has created an engaging 3D sculpture entirely from recycled Gola trainers. Now that’s what call Gola devotion! Check out the Gola microsite for more information.