Smirnoff Mindtunes: creating music through brainwaves

We’re excited by the idea and mission behind Smirnoff Mindtunes, collaborative project between chart-topping British electronic music producer, DJ Fresh, and brainwave technology expert, Julien Castet, in which music – real music – is created entirely through brainwaves. That’s right. And it’s all for a very worthy cause, too.

The incentive behind Smirnoff Mindtunes – the first of its kind – is to enable a group of physically disabled music lovers – Andy, Mark and Jo – who cannot play physical musical instruments, to create a song using musical software which is controlled by nothing but their mind. Genius! And just another example of Smirnoff innovation being used to help everyone realise their creative potential. Proceeds from the sale of the tune will go towards the Queen Elizabeth’s Foundation for Disabled People (QEF).