Featured Image for Ramen chocolate: for the bravest culinary adventurers

Ramen chocolate: for the bravest culinary adventurers

I used to work at a place that combined chocolate and bacon together in a dessert. Most customers I tried selling it to were usually disgusted, but there were the brave few who would give it a try. And thing this is, they almost always loved it. There’s just something delicious about sweet and savory combined together.

So for those of you who are adventurous, I recommend you give ramen chocolate a try. Thanks to the creative chefs of  Komforte Chockolates, you can have 65% dark chocolate mixed with real ramen, onions, garlic and soy sauce flavoring for the perfect sweet and salty balance. And it’s only US$3.49 (less than a typical cup of Starbucks).

So there’s really no excuse to not give it a try. Go on, I dare you. And don’t just stop with the ramen flavor. Komfort Chocolates has loads of other bizarrely delicious combinations just begging to be sampled.