Featured Image for J3 Concepts: awesome graffiti-style vector illustrations

J3 Concepts: awesome graffiti-style vector illustrations

Based in Seattle, Washington, freelance vector artist Jared Nickerson creates truly unique and stunning artwork. His pieces often play together through layers of line art, images collage and coexist creating flows of flowers, ferns, fists. Stacks of shapes, piles of pipes and pieces of industry. The layers, colors, collage all coming together in a creative balanced whole. The style is reminiscent of graffiti street art, but the digital nature of the creation allows Nickerson freedom to remix the artwork and create several variations on each piece.

Nickerson’s art is produced under the name J3 Concepts, and his portfolio can be seen on his homepage.  His art is tremendous, is available for download, as desktops, printed on tshirts by various companies and brands.