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Australian Mulga the Artist creates beardy weirdy illustrations

He draws beards, he draws animals, zombies, wacky characters, and then more beards again. He has a unique decorative illustration style combining crazy colours overlaid by intricate line work. Fluro highlighter is used with free abandon and he has been known to customise guitars and skateboards. This a Mulga the Artist, aka Joel Moore. His ethos is clear: ‘I am here to spread the magical wonder of beards and ensure every man and woman has the opportunity to grow a bushy beard at least once in their lives.’

UPDATE: We had an exclusive interview with Mulga the Artist, here’s an excerpt…

Why beards? Why weird animals? Why, why, why? (by the way, we love it)
I like to draw bearded characters because they are intriguing and mysterious. Beards are a magical thing and throughout the history of Earth they have achieved extraordinary exploits that a non-beard could never have achieved. There is some magical power that gets unlocked when a beard chooses to adorn the face of a mere man. It is like the mystery of synergy that cannot be explained.

Perhaps the best medium to describe it is through the wonder of dance but we don’t have time for that here. Animals are great too and I really like the ones that are hairy and have beards on their whole head or body. The gorilla and lion are a couple of my favourite creatures as they have wondrous beards and are both supremely powerful and majestic creatures.

My wonder for gorillas was unlocked when I saw a big gorilla at Taronga Zoo. He was a truly excellent specimen.

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