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MY SECRET PLAYLIST by Luke Steele, Empire Of The Sun

Australian duo, Empire Of The Sun, feature Luke Steel from The Sleepy Jackson and Nick Littlemore from Pnau, each stepping our their respective shadows to create a sound and look for Empire Of The Sun that is absolutely, totally electric. These are the songs that inspire Luke Steele, written in his own words.

Holger Czukay / Persian Love
There is so much depth in this track. It’s like the magician chef who can transpose flavors when people’s expressions change during meals. It’s a dream of spices.

Cornelius / Sleep Warm
One of the cutest songs ever written. Lucky pillow, oh, what a lucky pillow.

The Grateful Dead / Shakedown Street
Great groove. The 70s are here again.

Passion Pit / The Reeling
I’d been hearing this song in different places and never knew who it was, which always seems the best way to find music. It becomes a chase, and the song plays hard to get. But then you unite and everyone is happy.

ELO / Without Someone
Jeff Lynne is a monster genius and this track is so beautiful. It’s like a thousand dreams sandwiched into frequency.

Chemical Brothers / Galvanize
This has a palette of slam, jam and rad hip supertan.

Chet Atkins and Dolly Parton / Do I Ever Cross Your Mind
Not only does Dolly Parton sing like a country queen, but she has the cutest laugh in music. This song is beautiful, with Chet picking away and Dolly dropping lines like ‘well done, Chet’. Classic.

Django Reinhardt / Swing 39
The best song for winter, red wine, fireplace, cigarettes and a swag of classy humans.