Never Seen Burnham: a short film by Richard Broomhall

While the majority of the British public are lamenting the loss of Summer from the seasonal calendar, Anthony Garratt is experiencing a proliferation of painting subject matter. ‘In a world where we are seemingly obsessed with ownership and control, it is humbling and important that we are reminded to respect the weather, sea, hills and landscape on which we rely. I enjoy isolation as much as I enjoy company and some of my most vivid memories are of standing on the edge of a hill in the wind, on front of a sailing boat in the spray or being caught off guard in the rain’.

A recent short film made by Richard Broomhall at Fractured Ether follows the impulses of a day’s painting in the studio and uses a vocal dictation of the experience of visiting ‘Burnham on Sea’ to prompt visuals of the painting’s creation.