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This little bug will add wifi to any hardware you want

Minneapolis-based Spark Devices, a team of engineers, designers and makers, have been working on the Spark Core, an open source Arduino-compatible device that connects the Internet to any hardware using Wifi. It’s a little board that looks more like a bug than the powerhouse it is: it has a 72 MHz ARM Cortex M3, a Wi-Fi module, wireless programming, pin outs and peripherals.

The team were so dedicated, they relocated to Shenzhen, China, to develop Spark Core under hardware accelerator program HAXLR8R. From the looks of it, the Spark Core is functionally cool — for instance, it can help you build anything from a wireless motion detector to a fridge magnet that displays tweets. The Kickstarter campaign is still ongoing but response has been crazy, with over $240,000 pledged so far, well ahead of the $10,000 fundraising goal. The project will be funded on June 1.


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