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Barman device lets you mix perfect drinks using your smartphone

When systems coordinator John Gallagher tried to make the perfect Long Island Ice Tea for his wife six years ago, he thought there had to be a easier way to mix drinks accurately all the time. Now in 2013, he has developed The Barman, an elegant little box you can put your glass down on and start pouring fast and furious accurately, thanks to its differential weighing technology more commonly found in most commercial-grade postage machines.

It also has the ability to measure just the components of the drink and exclude things that aren’t part of the drink, like ice, glasses and drink shakers. Once the Barman is powered on, you can select your drink and drink size from the complementing smartphone app — which has a ready database of hundreds of drink mixes — and transit this information via Bluetooth to the Barman.

From there, you can use the progress bar on the Barman as a guide to pour in the different ingredients accordingly. Whee, perfect drinks for bartending dummies. The Barman has already reached its $50,000 funding goal on Kickstarter, well ahead of its May 25 deadline.

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