All The Machines: one of Grace Slick’s worst musical moments

Grace Slick has been responsible for inflicting some absurdly terrible music on society. Sure, White Rabbit and Sombeody To Love are great, but are they great enough to let us forget We Built This City? I can even remember being on a plane when I was 12 and the in-flight music channel had the new song by Jefferson Starship (they hadn’t fully morphed into the Evil that was Starship yet) and marvelling at how bad it was.

12 year-olds aren’t particularly discerning, but this song was that bad. Here’s her attempt at reinventing herself as a punk or new waver or something. The idea itself isn’t that bad, and still timely, given how much personal technology everyone has these days, but it gets totally derailed by ham-fisted lyrics and delivery. And yet, to this day I do wonder: without a vacuum cleaner, who would suck up all my dirt?