Featured Image for Selfies plastered on the ground of Times Square

Selfies plastered on the ground of Times Square

Get ready New York, French artist JR has set out to take your photo and plaster it to the ground in Times Square. The project is called Inside Out and ran from April 22 to May 10. And how does JR get your photo? Don’t worry, it’s not some creepy spy cam thing.

Instead, a truck pulls up to the square with a photo booth and printer in the back. Participants climb aboard and pose for their headshot, then the large printer cranks out the black and white version ready to be plastered to the ground. Needless to say, JR ended up with a wide variety of facial expressions and moods displayed on the square.

Inside Out - Photobooth NYC1
Inside Out - Photobooth NYC2
Inside Out - Photobooth NYC3
Inside Out - Photobooth NYC4
Inside Out - Photobooth NYC6
Inside Out - Photobooth NYC7