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Optus RockCorps: 5 questions with The Potbelleez

AdvertisementLast week we were hanging out at Sydney’s Optus RockCorps to bring to bring you all of the action from in the crowd and backstage.

While we were there, we got the chance to chat with The Potbelleez about why they got involved in RockCorps and how it was performing to all of the volunteers.

LAEM: How is it being one of Australia’s biggest dance acts?
P: You might have to ask The Preset’s that (laughs). Ah look I dunno. You can’t really put a price on the size of what you’re doing until you see a crowd like that (montions towards the dance floor). We just work really hard and try and make music that people want to dance to that we love. I can’t really answer that questions (laughs).

LAEM: What made you guys want to get involved in RockCorps?
P: Ah look. I think just what RockCorps is; you know giving back to the community. Everybody has to earn their ticket and it’s just effort. To be asked to be involved was just such an amazing gift. We jumped at the chance!

LAEM: What project did you guys take part in?
P: Well I thought we were going to go help some sick kids or something but we ended up weeding a forest (laughs). It’s good though. There was like three hundred kids there and Fitzy and Wippa from NOVA and it was just a really, really good day. It was hard work but it was worth it.

LAEM: Have you found the vibe to be good from the crowds and volunteers?
P: Definitely! You can just tell everybody’s got the vibe from doing the projects and they’re all here just releasing. Working for a ticket is a very good thing to do – everyone has been getting right behind it.

LAEM: How was it playing tonight?
P: Ah man look, the reaction was crazy. I suppose we’re the only full dance act that played and the kids these days with the EDM… they went absolutely ballistic. We enjoyed the shit out of it (laughs).

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