Featured Image for Lines of Love: transcribed love letters in Sydney from war times

Lines of Love: transcribed love letters in Sydney from war times

If you’re wandering the streets of Potts Point, Surry Hills or Darlinghurst, in Sydney, over the next few days, you may happen upon, as I did, a beautiful love letter from the 1940s. Sydney psychologist, artist and hopeful romantic, Alexandra Ehrenberg, has collated and transcribed a series of love letters from the war times of the past in the hope that it will spark a shift in how we address and express love.

With each featuring unique handwriting and authentic vintage stationery, the eight letters have been blown up into posters which are lining the inner East Sydney streets.

Featured on the posters is the hash tag ‘#linesoflove,’ which Ehrenberg has created to encourage viewers to not only re-post the romantic sentiments of the reconditioned letters, but also inspire them to share their own thoughts or dedications to their loved ones on Twitter or Instagram.

‘So many these days seem to be creating art or memes that are cynical, critical or ironic, with messages such as “I love the Sh*t out of you” and alike.

‘While this humour, of course, has its place, I wanted to create an art project in response to the modern day manner in which we address and express love. There is so much lost when love is reduced to such a trivial state and a lot to be learnt from re-visiting how it was done before us.

‘I wanted to gather letters from a time when writing was an art form. With these letters, in particular, being from times of war there is also an added depth to the sentiment’.

Written by soldiers and marines who had no idea if, or when, they would ever see their wives, girlfriends or families again, the letters in the series poignantly and poetically express genuine love.

As a result, ‘lines of love’ is as pure as it is beautiful, thanks to the sincerity of the words and the obvious intimate connection between the sender and the recipient.

Ehrenberg hopes this will encourage readers to do the same. See the map below for where you can stumble upon the ‘lines of love’ yourself.

Lines of Love 6
Lines of Love 5
Lines of Love 4
Lines of Love
Lines of Love 3