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How to make Sydney a more cultural and creative city

How to make Sydney a more cultural place? Simple, as Lost At E Minor reader Harley pointed out: ‘Hipsters, 24 hour licenses and creative hospitality owners seem to do the trick’. Sydney already has an active music scene. It’s a genre hopping environment, with distinct inner-city clusters of bars and pubs.

But where it was once the hub for much of the Australian music and dance scene (Oils, Chisel, anyone?), in recent years, Sydney has been largely surpassed by Melbourne and Brisbane, both of which have been churning out the better known Aussie acts.

So Sydney’s live music and club scene could do with a kick along. Liquor licence laws were passed in 2008 which allowed an upper limit of 18 hours trading. But five years along, perhaps granting 24 hour licenses back to local venues will facilitate a livelier nightlife. This would allow hospitality owners to get more creative with their entertainment options and give Sydney’s large hipster population (yes, guilty as charged) more excuses to hang out later, adding even more colour and people watching to an already vibrant and energetic city. [Photo via Cafe Lounge]