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An activity tracker that counts fun, not calories

This is pretty cool: a rugged activity tracker that purports to ‘count fun’ (not calories) and measures movements unique to action sports like surf, skate, snow, moto, MTB, BMX, and the likes. It’s built to withstand snow, surf, dirt, and hard pavement knocks and is a modular device that can be worn anywhere on the body. Plus, for more, ahem, down-to-earth action folks like us, it also counts steps and tracks everyday activities like walking, running and swimming.

The name of this cool device is LIT, and it can even take photos and video clips, automatically tag highlights (think jumps and turns) and share videos, stats and updates from your latest sessions across social media.

The mobile app now works with iOS devices that run Bluetooth 4.0, while an Android version will be available in January 2014. The only way to get one of these babies is via its Indiegogo campaign that ends on May 3.

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