Featured Image for Want to know your heart rate? Try this smart cycling helmet

Want to know your heart rate? Try this smart cycling helmet

LifeBEAM, a Tel Aviv startup founded by former Israeli Air Force pilots Omri Yoffe and Zvika Orron, have developed the world’s first smart cycling helmet that can monitor heart rate in real time sans that ungainly chest strap. The hassle-free Lazer Sport GENESIS helmet comes with integrated sensing technology and is ready to use with no assembly required for those who support its Indiegogo bid.

Its physiological sensor and processing unit includes an integrated 3-axis accelerometer, Bluetooth 4.0/ANT and full wifi communication capabilities, plus a powerful rechargeable lithium battery that allows continuous use for at least 15 hours at a stretch. All is not lost for those who get their exercise sans helmets — the company is also developing the Smart Sports Headband so you can keep your hair off your face and monitor your heart rate at the same time.

Both the helmet and the headband mark the company’s foray into consumer products — LifeBEAM’s previous products are really quite specific to the aerospace and defense industry.

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