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FlashFlow lets your lights thump to your favourite tunes

Sometimes an invention rocks so much, we have no idea how we partied before that. Case in point: FlashFlow, dreamt up by Sunderland-based Matthew Ryder, which promised to breathe life to your music by synchronizing your lighting to the music you love according to its volume, tempo and frequency content. The device lets you synchronize almost any light using almost any audio source. Which means anything with a standard headphone output (a 1/8″ adapter), such as computers, smartphones and television sets.

The fun comes in making your home (or any venue) lights flash to the sonic beats of whatever music, video game or movie you’re listening to or watching. It comes in three versions: the basic has just one output that responds to low frequencies; the standard has three outputs responding to low, mid, and high frequencies; and the complete one also allows for adjusting specific frequencies within these three primary bands. We like choices, but we also like capacity. But you know, what’s most important is to get the party lights on at all.

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