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3D printing for every single one of us

Looks like we’re all going completely potty about 3D printing. Recently, our celebrity crush Dita Von Teese donned the world’s first completely 3D-printed dress, and even an entire building is slated to be made from 3D printing in the next year or so. What’s left?

Well, accessibility to the rest of us plebeians, that’s what. Which explains the deluge of 3D printing gadgets that are starting to flood the marketspace and calling out for a bit of crowdsourcing support. Take the 3D doodling pen which lets you doodle anything out of thin air — that is super cool. Or the Doodle3D, which lets you doodle first and then print out your doodle afterwards.

Pretty nifty too.

Or the RigidBot 3D printer which purports to be not just customizable, but expandable to fit any 3D prototyping needs you have. We like scalability. Or the Gigabot 3D for those with a huge, huge vision. Large-format printing sounds like the first step to our world domination plans. What can we say? We can’t wait to see 3D printing get even more accessible in time to come.

3D (2) Doodle3D