4D street art using Augmented Reality by Leon Keer

I’ve been working on a large amount of 3D street paintings in the last couple of years. It brought me to street art events all over the world. 3D street paintings have to be viewed from the right vantage point. If you are on the opposite site of this view point, you will only witness a flat distorted image painted on the floor. Taking pictures is the most fun part. The 3D painting comes even more alive when you take part of the illusion by putting yourself into the picture.

I have been looking for ways to not only to create a bigger visual impact for the spectators, but also add artificial information to the street painting. Augmented Reality with new object recognition technologies brought the solution.

We have now developed a way to make 3D street art even more interactive. When capturing a street painting through a camera on a device such as a smartphone or tablet, you are able to put additional information to be displayed on the device’s screen, such as virtual objects or images and texts that cannot be identified by visual perception alone.

By creating a 3D overlay we can add pretty much everything to the painting.