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Optus RockCorps – 5 questions with The Script

Last week we were hanging out at Sydney’s Optus RockCorps to bring to bring you all of the action from in the crowd and backstage.

While we were there we got the chance to chat with The Script‘s lead singer Danny O’Donoghue about why the Irish trio got involved in helping out the community and how Australian crowds were treating them.

LAEM: How are you guys finding it over here in Australia?
D: We love it! You know it’s like a home away from home. Every crowd that we go out in front of seem to be singing the songs louder then we are; it’s a nice problem to have. A lot of us have family here as well so it’s great being here!

LAEM: What made you guys want to get involved in Optus RockCorps?
D: The actual premise of it was just brilliant, you know the fact that you can give and get given. I think it’s a great concept because so often in this world you give and you don’t get anything back in return. By just giving a little bit of your time you also get that feel good factor.

LAEM: What volunteer project did you guys take part in?
D: We were involved in painting a youth club. We went down and we spent 4 hours down there. We weren’t working as hard as everybody else (laughs) because we were shooting a TV program at the same time! We got to paint a mural on the wall though and we painted the rules of the youth club as well. We also played basketball!

LAEM: What was the spirit of the volunteers like?
D: Amazing! Amazing spirit! Nobody’s out there because they’re feeling sorry for themselves – they all want to make a change and make a difference. It’s great energy to be around, especially because they’re all young people. Young people are like dynamos; just point them in the right direction and you can light up the whole town.

LAEM: What can we expect from your set tonight?
D: Just fun! We know everybody’s been working hard all week. We came to party and we know they did as well so that’s what you’re going to get!