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Making Sydney a more creative and cultural city

Sydney has a stack of natural beauty: amazing harbour views, swathe of beaches, and while there’s plenty of shopping and nightlife, there’s untapped potential for a greater cultural and creative focus.

Melbourne, we all know, does this so well that it inspires us all to be better.

Now, in fairness to Sydney, when events are put on, they’re done extremely well; think Mardi Gras, Vivid Festival, the Sydney Festival. But there isn’t enough general day to day creativeness for my liking… It’s bubbling under the surface, but hard to find.

In Melbourne, the vibe is attractive, in your face, and gives the city a cool edge. Sydney has that too, it’s just visible in smaller bursts.

So here’s my idea: one of my favourite parts of Vivid Festival each year is the lighting of the Opera House sails.

Perhaps we could take that idea and evolve it into a more regular, daily or weekly event. Let’s light that baby up every weekend.

Maybe we could also install more changing, temporary art around the city… We do Sculpture By The Sea pretty well, so why not take it further?!

Oh, we could also stop ripping up rainbow crossings (that was anti-creativeness at it’s finest).

Sydney has so much potential and I’m sure other Sydney folk have some pretty good ideas as well. What would you do to make Sydney a more cultural and creative city?

SYDNEY OPERA HOUSE | Facade projection from urbanscreen on Vimeo.