Featured Image for Fumi Nakamura and Don John’s art show in Galapagos

Fumi Nakamura and Don John’s art show in Galapagos

It all started about a year ago when I wrote a post about Fumi Nakamura from New York here on Lost At E Minor. That started a correspondence between Fumi and I. We quickly agreed that it could be great to see if we could do a show together, either in Denmark or in the US. We have very different styles and techniques but we work with some of the same themes in our pieces.

We thought it could be a great challenge to combine our work in a two person show. Fumi showed my work to the gallery she is connected with in New York and they liked the idea. Last Wednesday was the opening of our show in Kunsthalle Galapagos. In between has been an enormous amount of emails, google chats, skype calls and three weeks where I have been in New York preparing the show. Now I am back in Copenhagen, after a successful opening. I love New York but after getting a glimpse of everyday life in the Big Apple I feel pretty privileged to live in Denmark.

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