Thom Yorke plays Agony Aunt

Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke recently dished out advice for teenage girls, along with longtime Radiohead collaborator and fellow Atoms for Peace member Nigel Godrich for Rookie magazine, in a rather uncharacteristic Yorke turn. The best part about it is that both of them never got snide and were just extremely earnest.

In response to a 19-year-old girl who wrote about feeling bad that she wanted to have sex with someone other than her boyfriend after being in a four-year relationship with him, Yorke said, “You shouldn’t feel bad at all… A lot of changes are gonna take place as you get older, so don’t think your life will always be fixed like this. It will move, it will change, it’s all right if it changes, it’s all right if you feel different shit.”

There was also a pretty cool moment when, in response to a girl worrying if any boys would like her when she has a surgical scar on her chest, Yorke pointed to his lazy eye and said, “When I was your age, I was convinced that girls would think it was really not very nice. I went to this pub and this old woman said, ‘It’s the nicest thing about you’. She was pissed (drunk) at the time but I went with it… everyone is imperfect, no one has a symmetrical face, no one’s body is perfect, don’t worry.”