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Interview with Example ahead of Groovin’ The Moo

Example is one of Britain’s most renowned acts – bringing a unique mixture of rock, rap and dance to the music scene. We caught up with him ahead of his visit to Australia for the Groovin’ The Moo tour to talk London, dubstep and getting married.

LAEM: Example was only in Australia last year. What keeps you coming back?
E: Probably the weather! People keep coming back to see me as well so that helps… Oh and my family live here!

LAEM: You’re also engaged to an Australian! Congratulations. How did you meet?
E: Thanks! We met on her radio chat show. She was interviewing me! Love at first sight and all that.

LAEM: What first drew you towards making electronic/rap music? What do you love about the genre?
E: I never wanted to be in music. I wanted to be a film director. I’m just really enjoying the music I’m making and travelling the world. I rapped to fit in at school. I also know loads of electronic DJ’s so it all makes sense to me. I only really listen to rock music though – I can’t play guitar and my hair isn’t long enough.

LAEM: What was the best bit about growing up in London and having so many different people from all different cultures and backgrounds around?
E: I suppose it helps define you as a person. You find out about so many different types of music for one! Then you discover other words, slang, food, movies, clothes – all these things help shape the people who live there and that’s what I love about London.

LAEM: Who/what influences you?
E: I really only listen to 90’s music – whether that’s rock, grunge, rap, electronica, garage. That’s still my favourite era for music. I still listen to Wu-Tang Clan, the Prodigy and Nirvana.

LAEM: Tell me about the making of The Evolution of Man
E: I wrote all the song titles first. Then I wrote all the songs in about 4 weeks. It took another 6 months to produce and mix it. It’s a very personal album and inspired by all my favourite bands.

LAEM: Do you enjoy collaborating with other artists?
E: I prefer working with producers than singers or rappers. I like to do all my vocals myself and write my own songs.

LAEM: How would you describe your sound?
E: I really don’t know. People call it pop, rap, urban, electronic, dubstep, house. I’d say the best way to describe it is ‘electronic rock’. I only really rap occasionally now so I don’t think the rap/hip hop tag suits me anymore like it did on my first album back in 2007. I’ve evolved! People change.

LAEM: What do you think the explosion of dubstep did for yourself and similar artists?
E: I’ve been fortunate to work with people like Skream, Benga and Flux Pavilion and this has gained me some attention in the dubstep scene. I kinda feel like all music is just music. People don’t stick to one genre anymore.

LAEM: What’s your favourite bit about touring? Are you excited to play Groovin’ The Moo?
E: The travelling and meeting fans all over the world. Of course!! I can’t wait to spend a whole month in Australia. I’m getting married at the end of tour!

Example is playing Groovin’ The Moo between April 27 and May 11. Get all the info here.

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