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Threading graffiti by Laura Ortiz Vega

Look closely, this is not spray paint. Mexican artist, Laura Ortiz Vega, takes things made of stone and paint, things aggressive and chaotic, and transforms them into something delicate and beautiful using the traditional techniques of the Huichol people – ‘Painting‘ the surface of her panel with colourful threads glued with a natural bees wax called cera de Campeche.

Much of the graffiti she captures can be found around her native surroundings of Mexico City, where Vega sees her role as a documentary artist, preserving the street art of her native city. Vega pays homage to this traditional art form while subverting it at the same time, transforming it into something new and fascinating. Paint becomes thread, an old technique gets new life, and something momentary gets woven into permanence.

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